Alessia Fiore
Alessia Fiore
Heather Carolin
July 8th
Belle Helena, Louisiana
Empathy/Touch Telepathy
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Standing at about five foot three inches, Alessia has long red hair nearly to her waist. Fair skin that shows freckles when she’s been in the sun, blue eyes, and no noticeable markings or scars. Slim, with a dancer or gymnast’s build, she frequents the local gym as often as she can find time for, specifically the pool.


Empathy - Alessia has the ability to sense other's emotions with accuracy, up until a distance of about a hundred yards, at which her accuracy and perception start to decrease. Her ability to see emotional auras, and other presences, starts to decrease at 50 yards.
Touch Telepathy/Increased Empathy - Upon skin to skin contact, Alessia’s powers to manipulate emotions, as well as get to the root of their cause, increases. With maintained contact of more than a few seconds, Alessia will begin to lose control over her powers, seeing memories attached to the most prevalent emotions. Though its close kin to telepathy, it’s more she gets a gist of things, than actual fully formed thoughts.


A year after she manifested, her father was killed in an accident while on patrol as a State Trooper. Her own house was unbearable after that, her mother's emotional state only adding to her own pain. It took months upon months to get any sort of handle on what was happening, to fend off the headaches, convincing her mother the best thing to do was to send her away to school, a private catholic school, where no one knew about her father. Her headaches and 'spells' had landed her in the hospital more than once, making her miss school, starting rumors about her. Her mother finally gave in, hating to feel she was losing her daughter as well as her husband, but she was in no state to keep taking care of them both.
It wasn't until her last semester at LSU, she met someone who was different like she was, another mutant. Found out she wasn’t alone in this, only days before there was a demonstration by an anti-mutant group on campus.

It was that sort of behavior that drove Alessia to go north to New York City for Graduate School, and to stay there to teach. Preferring to be lost in the city of Yankees, than put her mother and family at risk.

IC Occurrences:

Alessia has befriended the cranky detective down the hall, until he's become almost like a big brother/best friend type. She's also started to have a fairly serious relationship with the musician Stefan Soames.

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