alternative characters

One player may have up to 6 alts.

Major FCs - 3 is the absolute limit, and only one may be applied for at a time. After a period where it is determined you are able to play often enough, then you may apply for another FC.

Minor FCs/Originial Characters (OCs) - You may apply for these as you wish, though the Voltron Team may ask to hold your application until each character has had a few scenes to be established.

FCs &OCs, and how they mix - You may have one adult FC and one adult OC in a group at the same time. For students, the same applies One FC and one OC together at one time. Brotherhood, and so on.

Here at Another Day Dawns, we value OCs as much as FCs. Both require work and development, and teamwork for everyone to get the RP they want and deserve. So don't feel you need to app an FC to app an OC, or vice versa.

We want everyone to have characters they love, and that others will look forward to RPing with.

Voltron team reserves the right to adjust the waiting period between accepting applications for new alts, based on a player's activity.

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