Before applying, make sure you read and understand all of the rules. If you have any questions, please ask the Voltron Team before submitting your application. Failure to read the rules will result in an automatic rejection. Please remove information given in parentheses that explain sections before filling out the section.

IC Information:

The Basics:

(Information that falls into this category varies in degree of public knowledge, but is necessary as the building blocks for a character.)
Character Name:
Code Name (if applicable):
Affiliation (if applicable):
Role: (Job, student status, etc)
Family/Close Relationships:
(Note: If you apply for a character with a close relationship with another character that is already found in the game, you must do a trial play session with the player of that character, and that player must give approval for your acceptance along with the Voltron Team. This is to ensure that characters who are close story-wise can actually be played together. Examples of this are Peter Parker and Aunt May or Scott Summers and Jean Grey.This may also be applied to any FC at the discretion of the Voltron Team.)

Let's Get Physical:

(Our culture places a lot of value on the first impression, which is usually based on physical characteristics. As this is what most characters will experience first when encountering your character, this information should be up front.)

(Please write a paragraph of the general appearance of your character. Details like eye and hair color, the character's build, notable scars or tattoos, etc. should come in here. The description for your character in-game will be an edited version of this. For characters who wear a costume, please describe their normal, every day appearance first, and then devote a second, separate paragraph to their costumed appearance.)

Tell Me a Little About Yourself:

(This section covers more in-depth information that is not general public knowledge.If there is more to a character you would like us to know, and not have be public knowledge without RP, please note it here.)

(This is an important section of the application, and therefore requires a minimum of three paragraphs of your character's history. Once your application is accepted, Background will become locked. While we don't expect you to document every day of a character's life, life changing events should be included, especially if you plan to apply them in game.)

(Please write at least one paragraph to describe your character's personality, how he/she acts, and how they would normally act under normal conditions and under pressure. For characters that are most likely to be involved in combat, please note their preferred method of fighting-do they like to wade right into the fray or do they like to sit back and wait for an opportune moment, etc-here. Personalities can change via play, but major changes without reasonable backup will be questioned.)

I Have the Power!

(Powers, skills, knowledge, and flaws all fall under this category. Please list each power, skill, knowledge, or flaw separately, and dedicate a paragraph each to their descriptions. You must be as clear as possible in these descriptions.)

(Any powers or abilities that are inherent, and not learned, such as mutant powers, go here. Be sure to include the limitations of these abilities and any side effects. For example, if your character can throw something long distances, how heavy and how far? Do they have impeccable night vision that causes them to hate bright lights?)

(These are learned abilities that the character has picked up. These abilities must coincide with their background. As with Powers/Abilities, please list any limitations.)

(Knowledge is slightly different from skills, in that it does not include actual abilities. If your character is particularly knowledgeable about certain subjects, social skills, or otherwise, please list them here. This can range from anything from book-learned microbiology to being streetwise about which gangs rule what areas in the city.)

(Anything the character can rely on and use that does not qualify as a power, skill, or knowledge, such as a paycheck, hideout, equipment, or connections to various groups throughout the city.)

(Please list any flaws here. Note: For every ability, skill, knowledge, or resource a character possesses, they must have a flaw to counterbalance it. Obviously, a major flaw can compensate for multiple minor skills or resources, but the Voltron Team must feel that a character is equally balanced before they will accept them. Flaws can vary from issues caused by powers, such as an animal-like appearance that inhibits social interactions or a ghastly odor, from personality issues, such as phobias or discriminations. Things like "too beautiful" certainly do not count, and if you list something like this, not only will your application be rejected, but we'll also post it up to the entire game community so that everyone can laugh along with us. Please see the section on Mary Sues in the Rules for more information.)

Want to Play a Game?:

Sample Post:
(Please provide us with a sample post of what you would consider to be in your usual style. You can choose from one of the following situations, or else come up with your own!)

A) "So a guy walks into a bar" Always a classic, give us a typical entrance into a bar for your character. Pick what kind of bar and who's there.
B) "I just want stamps!" Your character is waiting in line at the post office. It's a long line. It's a slow line. It's winter, and a bunch of people in said line are sniffling, coughing, and sneezing. Maybe a kid is crying. How does your character handle it all?
C) "I love you, pumpkin" Your character is in a location, such as a diner, when a robbery goes down. What does your character do?


(Random information goes here. Other things you think we need to know about your character, etc.)

(This is more of a fun thing than other parts of the application, but we'd still like to know what your character rocks the Casbah with. Please give us a list of three to five songs that your character digs and can be found on/in their computer/i-pod/record collection/etc.)

OOC Information:

Your Name: (If you prefer to be referred to by a particular nickname, please also list it with a note.)
Your Age: (Please be honest. This game does allow mature play, and therefore we need to know who can and cannot be involved. This is a legal thing, and we want to make sure that everyone on this game is protected.)
Your e-mail: (Make sure you list an e-mail address that exists and you actually use, as we will use it to contact you about your application.)
Timezone: (We ask this so that we can compare times for people, and try to schedule events that will work for as many people as possible. If you would rather not list this information, that's fine, but we will be unable to take you into consideration when planning large game-wide TPs.)
Amount You Can Play: (Black Lion and Blue Lion are both terrible at math, and therefore hate that whole "how many hours can you put in per week" crap most people ask about. Instead, how often do you think you can get on to play in a month? Do you have a busy schedule, or one that flipflops? We're very lax about activity around here, because real life comes first with this game, but we would like to get a general idea from you so that we can adjust our expectations accordingly. Of course, if you pick a major FC, you will be expected to be much more active than someone who plays only minor characters. We ask that you do not apply for a FC if you cannot get on for a play session of length for at least once or twice a week, and log in (even if not for play) several times a week to keep up on things happening. If you aren't sure about what your schedule is going to be like, just say so, and err on the side of caution.)
Alts : Do you have any on this Moo yet? If so, what are they?

Hey, you made it to the end!!: Please submit your application to moc.liamg|neMXDDA#moc.liamg|neMXDDA with the subject of: X-Men: ADD App: [Character Name] [FC or OC]. Please send in regular email form, no attachments. Please allow one week of response time (though usually we will attempt to get back to you much sooner). Then simply log into the game, type @apply and fill out the simple form, to help us review everyone! Thanks for taking the time to fill the application out, and we look forward to working with you soon!

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