Brielle Masterson
Brielle Masterson
Katherine Heigl
Oct. 5th
Ft. Sill, OK
Bio. Manipulation
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Bri, as she prefers to be called, carries herself well at five foot seven. She is by no means a stick figure, having curves she does her best to disguise at work, and emphasize when she goes out. Dark blond hair with lighter toned highlights reaches past her shoulders, when not pinned or pulled back neatly for work. She’s well kept, even at work, with light touches of makeup and a manicure she tends to daily to keep perfect. Deep brown eyes are evenly spaced, nose straight, with no noticeable scars or marks on her facial features.


Biological Manipulation (low levels)- Bri can sense things about the bodies in the people around her. Blood pressure levels, recent/current injuries, if blood flow is slow, sluggish, or blocked. She can read information on a person’s general health, pinched nerves, broken bones, etc. Should someone she’s near be injured, she can not make them heal over the wound. She can concentrate and try to stem the blood flow and divert it to areas away from the wound and slow blood loss, and make the wound clot more quickly, if possible. Bri has had difficulty explaining how she knows, what she sees, though she’s only ever completely outed herself to her mother as a mutant. At first, it was in strange flashes, aching wounds and injuries that would ‘light up’ on a person’s body in her vision, almost like a cutaway view. Then, after seeing her mother cut herself on a knife while doing dishes, the power seemed to expand, letting her see from the point of the injury, mind following something like a pulse of light through the circulatory system. The faster the heartbeat, the quicker the flashes, telling her someone’s pulse rate as well in a roundabout fashion. Of course, though she’s never used her mutation in that fashion, she could use her powers to make someone bleed out faster, using her powers in the reverse fashion. Over the last ten years, Bri has learned to handle her mutation, so she need not see everyone’s injuries around her all the time.


Brielle “Bri“ Masterson, was born to David "Duke" Masterson, and his wife, Susan, while they were stationed at Fort Sill Oklahoma. She was born as their second child, having had a son David Junior, called DJ, four years prior. Brielle grew up in the life of an Army brat, getting used to moving long before any of the houses they lived in would ever burn themselves into her memory as 'home'. To this day, the word home brings faces to mind, not a place. Moving so often makes some children more aggressively outgoing, but not Brielle. Big brother was her favorite partner in crime from the time she could toddle after him, preferring to be his shadow rather than sit and play barbies with the other little girls on base. New schools every so often had its own impact on the girl, until she pushed herself to be well ahead of most of her peers in any state-side school, only struggling once her family was stationed in Japan, then Germany, her father being promoted to a Brigadier General (One star) in taking the new post as one of the Base's Commanders.

In trying to fit in off-base as well as on, Brielle immersed herself in more studies, to learn Japanese in their year stay. After moving it was German, as well as rudimentary French, as most Europeans were fluent in multiple languages. Babenhausen Kaserne, as the installation was known, was a short ride from the larger city Frankfurt. Tagging along with her older brother, in the car or riding behind him on his motorcycle, she would often spend her weekends traveling on foot through the larger city, or riding about with DJ on his bike.

She manifested her mutation on one of these rides, having gone to Frankfurt, and sliding off the bike to allow her brother to take part in some racing with other young men on motorcycles. DJ was cut off by another rider, and ended up laying the bike down. While running to see how badly he was hurt, Bri received her first 'glimpse' of another person's bio stats. Luckily DJ wasn't badly hurt, just some road rash and bruises, and Bri shrugged off her experience as too much imagination and worry over her idolized big brother. It wasn't until several weeks later, upon seeing a fistfight in the street during a festival, that it happened again, but this time it was repeated again and again, the flashes refusing to stop. She couldn't look away, nor could she write it off this time, since her brother wasn't involved, and the men were strangers. It took her several more weeks to come to terms with what she was seeing, and several more months to admit to her mother that she was 'different', only after making her mother swear to keep her secret, even from her father and brother.

As she got older, Bri still tagged along after her brother, hitching rides from him, only to split up once they hit the city. Her German was more than fluent enough to get her by, and unlike the U.S., Germany had much lower ages for drinking and clubbing. It's during these years that Brielle learned to drink and party, while still being in a reasonable shape to return home to her parents. Germany's clubbing scene opened her eyes to many alternative ways of living, the acceptance of homosexuals, the fetish clubs, the sort of easy civility of just accepting others' choices. It was an impression that stuck with the teenaged mutant, and something she wishes the American society would adapt to. Perhaps then, she wouldn't be afraid to be honest about who she is, and what she does.

Once she was finished with high school, she chose to return to the states to go to college, choosing New York University for their Basic Medical sciences Program. After attaining her Bachelor's degree, she decided that molecular biology and medical research was not the way she wished to go, enrolling herself in a paramedic program. Two years later, she's a full fledged paramedic (EMT-P CCT) in Manhattan, earning a reputation among her peers for her 'knack' of knowing what's going on with a patient. Her co-workers see it as intuition and luck, and she's more than content to let that assumption linger. Since she has returned state-side, her parents have again been transferred with the closure of many of the German bases, with her father, now Major General, accepting a position with West Point, a short drive north of the city.

IC Occurrences:

Due to a patient she checked on in the hospital after her shift, she met the Detective that had been put on the case. Since then, she and Detective Washburn have been known to be seeing each other.

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