Damien Ryker Mondo
Damien Ryker
Played By Boris Kodjoe
Gender Male
Species Homo Superior
Codename Mondo
Birthdate January 5, 1991
Age 18
Birthplace Samoa
Alignment Good
Affiliation None
Short Powers Absorbtion of properties of Matter
Offsite Logs N/A


The most noticeable feature about this man is probably his eyes. Dark and intense, they appear black at times, but are really a dark brown in coloring. Heavy black eyebrows add to the look, giving him a somewhat sullen intensity about him, at least until he smiles, which transforms his entire face. Caramel-colored skin is occasionally broken up by a bit of stubble on his cheeks, black hair kept in a buzz cut, and carefully maintained. Just enough hair for color to appear, but not enough for him to have to mess with it too often. Broad-shouldered, his clothes are mostly loose enough that it's hard to tell his body type, besides 'not obese'. His arms actually appear somewhat thin, though toned. A long, easy stride is aided by longer legs, which also may appear slim but toned if anyone ever saw him in shorts.


Damien has the ability to take on the properties of organic and inorganic matter. For example, if he takes on the properties of steel, his skin may become grayish in hue, he'd become a bit slower, but a lot tougher, and a lot heavier. At the moment he's never experienced anything he can't absorb, but he's only had household items to experiment with. And some things he’s afraid to experiment with. Such as Jello, or water. And obviously he can’t take on the properties of gasses, like air. They have to be something that he can hold.

There is a limitation on this, however. The minimum time so far that he can hold this effect is an hour. And thusfar he's never gone beyond two hours, depending on the toughness of the material. It doesn't take long for the effects to fade for something like dirt, but for steel it takes longer because it's a tougher material

Though taking on the properties of something like water may allow him to be more flexible, fit through smaller spaces, etc, he won’t be able to make himself into a puddle, gas or ice, though he doesn’t know that yet.

Also, it’s possible for him to travel through materials, such as dirt, quickly coming out near where he dissapears. He’s only done this once by accident, and hasn’t experimented with it again at all. He doesn’t even realize what he did, really.

Right now he’s pretty good with /not/ absorbing stuff, but tougher things, like steel, are harder for him to absorb right now, while more organic things are easier.


Damien was born to an interesting set of parents. His mother, while white, was born and raised in Samoa. Her parents moved from Australia, after having a somewhat successful restaurant business there, looking to expand, and a few of their friends and clients commenting that a restaurant like theirs will be needed if the Samoan tourist industry continued to rise. So they moved, and started up a small restaurant. By the time Damien’s mother was 20, they had two restaurants in the capital city of Apia, and she had grown up working in the kitchens or waiting on tables, etc. It was on a business trip that Damien’s father met her. A somewhat wealthy african-american businessman, his company had sent him to Samoa in order to talk to some of the farmers there, considering buying some of their goods.

The courtship between the two was not long, with them getting married a scarce six months after meeting one another. However, due to her family’s business, Damien’s mother did not want to leave Samoa. And so his father bought a house, living there primarily even if he traveled quite a bit. It was there that Damien was born.

Because of his father’s job, Damien never saw much of his father, and by then his mother didn’t need him really to help in the restaurants, so when he was old enough, he worked with one of the older farmers, helping him tend to his coconut trees, harvest them and package them to send them off to processing plants. It didn’t pay a lot, but Damien learned a lot in the process. Besides that, he was a relatively normal student in the city’s schools, getting passable grades, though nothing exceptional.

It was during a fire at his mother’s restaurant when he was 16 that he found out things were odd. His mother had collapsed in the kitchen, after getting everyone else out. Damien ran in after her, but flames cut off his exit. Without knowing it, he absorbed the qualities of a marble counter he was clinging to, enabling him to knock a door down and get his mother out without much harm, besides some smoke inhalation. Unfortunately, it was too late for his mother, and she died later that night. Devastated, and unsure what had happened to him in the restaurant, Damien pushed that question aside as he grieved for his mother. His father, having no more reason to stay in Samoa, sold the restaurant chain to the manager, who had practically been running them, anyway, provided some money to fix one of the restaurants up, sold the house, and took Damien with him back to New York. Not the best place for a young man form a rural area to end up. Damien was completely unprepared, and the culture shock was amazing.

Perhaps it was good that at least he was enrolled into a somewhat private school, though it didn’t help when it came to his classmates. He didn’t go to public school, so the culture shock there was minimized, but instead he was exposed to a more cruel form of student, one who feel entitled or have more money than the average public school student.

As a result of this, he easily became prey to the bullies, his father not really taking the same interest in his life that his mother did. One day, when he was trying to escape across a smal patch of park. Tripping and falling over a rock, he hit the ground face-down, and found himself a /part/ of the ground. And then he was on the other side of the park. He retained the aspects of soil until he got home, using his knowledge of the back streets to stay out of public view, since he didn’t know what was going on. Not having his mother around, and knowing his father wouldn’t care, Damien didn’t have anyone to tell. Still, this made him consider what had happened the night his mother died. And after a little experimentation, he found out that when he touched something, he could conciously absorb its properties. Though he only tried things such as wood, metal, etc. Things that were readily available to him. The only part that worried him was he was stuck that way for at least an hour. Not that he seemed to ever physically change much, at least from his perspective. His main focus was on how to keep from doing it accidentally, not as concerned with doing it on purpose.

The years passed, and now, Damien is a senior, having learned minor control, like how to absorb the things purposely, and is going to be heading to college, hoping for an architecture major. The one thing that he found fascinating about New York was the architecture, the buildings that ranged from 1930s look, to Greco-Roman, or some of the more modern buildings. He was watching TV at the time of the Liberty Island incident, and though his father’s apartment wasn’t overly close to the city, it was high enough up that he could see the light from his window. This scared him, as did the proposals of the Mutant Registration act, knowing that he should keep everything quiet about himself. Which is relatively easy, as long as he stays out of fights.

Damien has moved out early, since he’s already 18, wanting to be away from an uncaring father who only wants him to show up for dinner parties and the like. Even though he technically doesn’t graduate until May, the school he goes to has been letting him take electives from a local college, since he’s already fulfilled their class requirements, and has been a stellar student as far as grades and attendance go. As long as he keeps his attendance up with the college classes, then he’ll be alright with the High School, since they check up on such things with his Professors.

IC Occurrences:

None, yet.

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