Detective Joe Washburn
Detective Joseph "Joe" Lee Washburn, Jr.
Paul Walker
Delaplaine, AR
Lawful Good
Manhattan SVS
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There’s a quiet directness to Joe’s gaze that just seems to take over his whole presence, no matter if he’s standing up straight or sacked out on a couch. That’s the first thing people usually notice, only realizing after the fact that his eyes are blue. He doesn’t seem to pay much mind to his hair, really, dirty-blond and on the short side and looking a little disheveled, though this works for him pretty good. He could also use a good shave most days, probably, though the stubble doesn’t look so out of place on him, either. In pretty good physical condition, he’s all in favor of comfortable clothing, no doubt wearing a pair of loose jeans and some kind of button-down plaid or checked shirt with the sleeves rolled back to his elbows when he’s off-duty. And boots. A pair of black work boots. By their beat-up, battered look, they’ve got to be his favored footwear. On the job, Joe’s usually in one of a series of perpetually wrinkled suits, with a trench coat for poorer weather.


Joe's just a plain old human, though some might consider his hand at the BBQ an innate ability rather than a skill…


Joseph Lee Washburn, Jr. was born in the tiny town of Delaplaine, Arkansas, the third of six children in a poor but relatively happy family. He grew up scrapping with his siblings, scrapping with the neighbor kids, and kicking up a general ruckus around town with the whole lot of them, though Little Joe was the quiet one of the bunch, favoring books just as much as the outside world. When he was ten, the family up and moved to Little Rock, which his parents painted as an adventure. The kids all latched on to the idea and flourished, despite the uprooting.

Though Little Joe managed to make something of a name for himself on the varsity football team in high school as a cornerback, he spent a lot of his free time in the library instead of hanging around with the other kids his age, tearing up the neighborhood. A decent student, he always maintained respectable grades, and was considered to be a "respectful young man" by his teachers.

So when, fresh out of high school, quiet Little Joe up and enlisted in the United States Army, he surprised just about everybody. He did well in the Army, despite the shock, where he eventually rose to the rank of Sergeant First Class within the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (1st SFOD-D), also known as Delta Force to civilians. Due to the US military's policy of strict secrecy with Delta, however, much of SFC Washburn's records within the military are highly classified. He is listed as having officially participated in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Vigilant Resolve, with his actions earning him the Silver Star and the Purple Heart, though official details about these medals have not been released to the public. He was honorably discharged after his participation in Operation Vigilant Resolve, with the reason why also classified, though the rumored reason is that he might be suffering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Adjustment back to civilian life proved difficult for Joe, with his parents worrying about his health for a few months before he surprised everybody again by moving to New York City. Having seen the world at large, he told them, everything back home just seemed so small. In New York, Joe went through the Police Academy, and after a year and a half of being a beat cop, he was promoted to the rank of Detective, where he now serves in the Special Victims Squad in Manhattan.

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