Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane)
Rahne Sinclair
Erin Chambers
October 30, 1992
Xavier's School
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Standing at 5’ 10 inches tall, Rahne’s most noticeable feature is the fact that she’s covered in a rusty, red colored fur. It’s short and coarse, though the bottoms of her feet and her palms have barely any fur, more like the pad of a wolf’s paw, the skin is tougher, but still soft. Her eyes are blue-green, the pupils having a slightly catlike slit to them some of the time, but usually if it does take on that shape, it’s not that pronounced. Red-brown hair falls to about her shoulders, slightly coarser than human hair, but not noticeably so. It still appears to be soft, with a healthy sheen to it. When her hair isn’t in the way, the tops of her ears can be seen, pointed and elongated upwards like a wolf’s, though not more than two inches or so. When Rahne talks, slightly elongated canine teeth can be seen, though luckily it doesn’t seem to impair her speech at all, otherwise no one may understand her already heavy brogue. Under the fur, her body appears to be toned, for her age, legs and arms appearing thin, but are very powerful. At the ends of her hands and feet, instead of regular nails, they come out to a slight point, more like claws than finger or toe nails, really.


Transformation: Rahne can transform herself in a type of werewolf form, or fully into the form of a wolf. Though it has no supernatural influences whatsoever. However, in this ‘werewolf’ form she appears humanoid with a slightly more toned and lithe form. Her entire body is covered in rusty red fur, her ears are wolf-like, though not nearly as large and still situated on either side of her head, which means they don't have the ability to rotate. Most of the time they merely appear elongated. In this form also she has short claws and slightly elongated fangs. Her eyes take on a slit-pupiled look as well. Dark red/brown hair doesn't really change in this form. From there, she can turn into the full form of a red wolf. Though she appears to be a young wolf, juvenile at best, it’s guessed that as she ages, the age of her wolf form will change as well, though there’s no way to really test it other than wait-and-see.

Senses: In both forms she has enhanced sight, hearing and smell. She can pick up on and track someone by their scent, though she currently has no training in this. Her night vision is enhanced, enabling her to see easier in low-light environments, though in daylight she is merely able to pick up on more details than a normal human might. Like a wolf, her hearing is enhanced to the point where she can hear small sounds from a hundred or two hundred feet away, but at this point if she were in a crowded room, she would have to concentrate very hard in order to pick out a specific sound. She has learned to tune out a lot of background noises and smells in order to function in the world. However, sensory overload could still be a threat if she is confronted with a lot of new smells or in a particularly loud area.

Animal Traits: The other advantage to her werewolf form is that Rahne has wolf-like strength, agility, and reflexes. The strength is only double the normal strength of someone her size and fitness, perhaps a little more. She would be able to carry a person no problem, but she cannot pick up a car, for example. She also has enhanced agility, though only slightly better than someone who has studied dance or gymnastics. Her reflexes are also faster than the normal human's in this form, decreasing her reaction time basically.


Rahne’s mother died shortly after she was born, leaving her an orphan. The first few weeks of her life were spent in this state, until she was given to Reverend Craig to raise. Since he was far too busy and not tolerant enough to deal with a newborn, Rahne was raised for the first few years by two older women who worked pretty exclusively at the church with Reverend Craig. When she was 6, Reverend Craig took over her education, not allowing her to go to public school because he believed it to be morally corrupt. So she was tutored privately, her education having a religious center of course.

If lessons were not learned sufficiently, they were often enforced with a stick. Rahne learned to keep her mouth shut and her nose in a book Life continued like this, and though Rahne was occasionally taken out to parks and such with the ladies of the church, she was always somewhat reserved, fearing what Reverend Craig might think, and the repercussions of whatever he may think.

One night when she was 10, her mutation was triggered, causing her to transform into her werewolf-like form. Given the fact that it was also conveniently a full moon and Scotland has quite a few legends anyway, Reverend Craig did not react kindly. He gathered those in the town with guns, torches and flashlights, chasing Rahne out of the only home she’d ever known. While she was being chased, a few of the people in the town shot at her, trying to slow her down. One or two of the hastily fired bullets did hit Rahne, but fortunately she was able to lose Reverend Craig and the townspeople in a forest. The mob finally gave up after it was clear their quarry had outrun them, deciding to try and find the child in the morning. Moira MacTaggart, a scientist and doctor, was the one who found Rahne. Understanding what she was, Moira took her back to her Muir Island research facility in order to give her the medical attention she needed. Once she heard what had happened in the nearby village, Moira decided to keep her there in order to keep her safe from the superstitious citizens.

While Rahne was still recuperating, Moira pulled a few strings and managed to become Rahne’s ward. Not thinking she had many things in the first place, she never bothered going to Reverend Craig to retrieve anything. After those papers went through, Muir Island became Rahne’s new home. Her education was continued, mostly in a home schooling style, moving at her own pace where she really didn’t need to have a tutor. Struggling with her mutation all the time, Rahne found that with concentration she could go back to her human form, but it did not usually last long. She also discovered that completing the shift into a wolf was a much easier task, and allowed her to more readily roam the island without being worried about people being afraid of her if they were unfamiliar with her. She was able to wander somewhat in her ‘werewolf’ form since Muir Island is an island, but mostly she was restricted to after dark for such activities.

When it became clear that a young girl had to have something to do, she was given a TV, books to read, and allowed supervised access on a computer. Everything she said and did on it was supervised and recorded so that nothing about the facility could get out. It was made very clear that Rahne was not to mention anything about it. The rules were obeyed strictly by Rahne, since she didn’t want to chance that one privilege being taken away, the one place where she could sit and read or write, and eventually talk to people without fearing how they would judge her. It also gave her a good excuse not to share her picture with anyone, not that she ever really had any laying around.

After a few years, it was decided that a young woman shouldn’t be cooped up all the time, and should learn to interact with other people her age, other mutants. Moira of course was friends with Charles Xavier, and was aware of his school. After a few correspondences, it was decided that Rahne should go to the Institute to finish out her schooling. Shortly after, goodbye’s were exchanged, and Rahne left Muir Island for the first time in five years, to head to the States.

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