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Meridian, Mississippi
Power Absorption
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Rogue stands at a height of approximately five foot and four inches. She has long dark brown hair, with red highlights, and a white streak along the first inch or two of her hair, along the part. Eyes are dark brown, evenly spaced. Her skin claims the famed magnolia fairness that was prized in her home state, without any major scars or other markings. There’s a small space in between her front teeth, and her ears are pierced, with a cartilage piercing as well in her left. For clothing, she tends to dress to cover as much skin as possible, using gloves and scarves, without losing herself to too much fabric and maintaining a feminine look.


Rogue’s mutation is that of absorption of powers or life force through touch, depending on if the person being touched is human or mutant. With the touch, also comes some of the person’s personality, and memories. If she holds on long enough, there is theory that she could kill a person and if it is a mutant, retain their powers permanently.
She has no control over her mutation, and doesn’t risk touch, wearing gloves and covering up.


Rogue was born in Meridian, Mississippi, to middle class parents. Shortly after her birth, her mother died, her aunt Carly moving into the house to help her father to raise her. Her father worked in one of the factories on the far end of town, while her aunt gave music lessons, primarily piano, violin, and clarinet.

While never the most popular girl in school, Marie fared well enough, with a good number of friends, and several boys of interest. One was David Cody, who was the first boy she ever brought to her home, or shared her desire to get out of the South on a road trip to Alaska. It was with David, during her first kiss, that her powers manifested, draining him of his life force to put him into a coma, and turning her world upside down.

After several weeks of being a social outcast, threatened and ignored, Marie packed a duffel and ran, rather than let her father throw her out. She then hitch-hiked her way up the eastern states, mostly with truckers and families on trips, until she crossed the border into Canada, and made it all the way to Laughlin City, Alberta.

Inside a bar, following her most recent ride, she saw her first ever cage fight match. Fascinated by the victor, perching on a stool at the bar, even as most of the occupants and possible rides emptied out of the building. Hiding in the bar fighter’s open tow along, under the tarp. Once discovered, he started to leave, before stopping, and allowing her to get into the truck.

After an exchange of names, the duo were interrupted by a staged accident, attacked by a man later identified as Sabertooth, and rescued by people she would later know as Scott Summers and Ororo Munroe. She started classes in the private school known to some of the students as ‘Mutant High’.

There was an accident with Wolverine, where upon trying to wake him from a nightmare, he lodged three of his claws into her chest. She reached out to touch him, taking in his healing power , even as others responded to his call for help. It was after this accident, the next day, that she was fooled by Mystique posing as Bobby, and ran again.

She only got as far as the train station before being tracked down by Logan, as well as Magneto. This led to her sedation and abduction by Magneto and his henchmen. They restrained her, and after transporting her with them to Liberty Island, restrained her inside their modified version of the torch, and Magneto’s machine.

She tried to scream for help, unaware of the battle below, screaming even louder after Magneto touched her to transfer his power and use her to power his mutating machine. On the brink of death, she was unaware when Logan cut her bonds, and tried to rouse her. It was only after her powers started to absorb his that she returned to consciousness, and pushed him away, unable to try to help him with her lack of gloves.

Since the ‘incident’ at Liberty Island, Rogue has done her best to fit in at Xavier’s, only occasionally withdrawing into self imposed solitude.

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