Rohan Ballard Smoke
<character's full name>
Played By Jared Leto
Gender Male
Species Homo Superior
Codename Smoke
Birthdate <fill in here>
Age 25
Birthplace Wales
Alignment <fill in here>
Affiliation Former Xavier's Student, Independent
Short Powers Trans-substantiation
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Rohan is a young man of average height and build in his mid-twenties. He keeps himself reasonably fit but is not overly muscular. He has brown hair that hangs straight and long enough to cover his ears and fall down over his blue eyes. He moves with an easy swagger and dresses in an open-neck shirt usually with jeans and sneakers. He has a straight nose, and slightly narrowed jaw with a perpetual five o’clock shadow. He typically dresses for comfort: open-neck shirt over a T-shirt, jeans on his legs and sneakers on his feet.


Trans-substantiation. Rohan can convert matter (typically his body - including his clothing and anything he carries/touches) into a mentally responsive, psionic vapor - or smoke - at will. In his mist-like form he is virtually insubstantial and therefore can use his ability to avoid taking physical harm. He can apply this ability to other ends as well. Rohan can mentally guide the flow of vapor through the air in a form of flying for short periods of time. His mist-form can only be maintained for a maximum of one hour and can move at a maximum speed of 20mph. He can reach the height of a tall building but will not go higher or risk reverting and falling to his death. The vapor also is able to squeeze through tight passages, under doors, and between bars. The smaller the gap, the harder it is to get through but if air can – so can he.

When turned to smoke, Rohan appears as a semi-transparent, grey/white cloud and is psychically aware of his surroundings. The fog fills up little more space than a large human might and is in constant motion, with tendrils and wisps of smoke moving about so determining its exact dimensions is difficult. It is relatively warm to the touch – the same as normal body temperature. In a cold dark room his presence would be noticeable due to the warmth and he would likely show up on a thermal scanner as a heat source. Rohan can't talk or communicate psychically as smoke but a telepath or empath would be aware of him.

Wind currents do not affect Rohan at all in mist-form, but electrical charges of sufficient power will disorient, disrupt and severely harm him depending on the degree of the charge. An electrical current strong enough will cause him to revert to human form with anything from a headache to electrical burns. Rohan therefore dislikes flying near power lines. The maximum amount of time he can maintain his smoke-shape is one hour, unless he is carrying a "passenger" (something/someone else of comparative size). "Smoking" a human along with himself reduces the maximum duration by half.


Rohan is the only son in a family of four: Father (Rohan Snr), Mother (Miriam) and little sister (Lily) and was born in Wales, although spent little time there. His family was neither rich nor poor but attempted to maintain a modest lifestyle while constantly moving around due to his father’s vocation (Air Force Officer). His father had little to do with his children apart from providing for them and insisting they receive the best education they could afford each time they moved house. Rohan’s relationship with his father was strained to say the least.

When Rohan was fourteen, living in London with his parents, his mutant heritage was first revealed. On his way to high school a car careered out of control and collided with the teenage boy, much to his mother’s and sister’s distress who were nearby. Rohan was believed dead underneath the car which had seemingly crushed him against a brick wall. The driver was critically injured and smoke rose from the wrecked engine into the sky – at least, most of the smoke did. A cloud remained and eventually coalesced into a very frightened, very shaken Rohan Ballard Jnr. No one saw him reform but his sister Lily – and both of them agreed to tell everyone that he merely jumped out of the way.

Rohan’s life changed from that point onward. His ability enabled him to escape from his house whenever he wished and move about the neighborhood. It was faster to travel by “smoke” than by walking. He started avoiding school and doing his own thing – which began to show in his grades. He didn’t care. His father was too busy flying around the world and saluting people to worry about him. His mother was too busy coping with a distant husband and an increasing alcohol addiction. Only his sister seemed to care.

A year later Rohan’s falling grades and lack of attendance at school caused a serious fight between him and his father. The intention was for the boy to follow in his Papa’s footsteps and join the Air Force – but Rohan (when he wanted to do anything) wanted to be a writer. To make matters worse, Miriam and Rohan Snr divorced that same year – and Miriam moved to New York with the children. Rohan blamed himself and his falling grades (even his being a mutant) for his parents’ divorce.

They had not been in New York long when Rohan’s activities as a mutant drew the attention of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. An invitation was sent to Miriam, inviting Rohan to attend. When challenged about his low grades, the representative of the school suggested it was likely more due to the stress at home rather than a lack of intelligence that caused him to under-achieve. In the proper environment he could easily thrive and pursue any goal he wished. Miriam consented.

Rohan did improve. His mother and father received updates on his academic grades and Miriam sometimes came to see him. Lily certainly did, and often – even after settling down and marrying. As for his mutant abilities, he was trained to use them well – even though he retained his own rebellious streak throughout his high school years. Rohan took to calling himself Smoke after his unique ability.

Young Ballard pursued his dream of becoming a writer after graduating from Xavier’s and eventually found a job for himself as an investigative journalist. He never sees his father, and as yet both his parents are completely unaware of his mutant heritage. Rohan lives in his own apartment in New York, not far from the School and visits often. As a journalist he is keen to travel and write, and maybe earn a modest amount of fame.

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