Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Scott Summers
Played By James Marsden
Gender Male
Species Mutant
Codename Cyclops
Birthday Jan. 1st
Age 30
Birthplace Anchorage, AK
Alignment Good
Affiliation X-Men
Short Powers Optic Blasts, Natural at Trigonometry
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Clean-cut. Nobody epitomizes that term more than Scott Summers. At 6'1" and physically fit, there's no doubt that, unless under duress, his brown hair is always neatly combed, his clothes are always pressed and spotless, his shoelaces are always tied just so, and his jaw is as smooth as a baby's bottom. He favors button-down shirts or turtlenecks and slacks, even when a t-shirt and jeans might be more appropriate. His ruby quartz glasses, hiding his eyes from the world, are omnipresent. They are so synonymous with his appearance that Scott would probably look exceptionally odd without them.


Optic Blasts:
Cyclops projects powerful beams of concussive force from his eyes, referred to as optic blasts. The beams derive their power from sunlight, with Scott's cells constantly absorbing solar energy and transferring it to his eyes, which serve as apertures projecting non-Einsteinian particles in beam form. Contrary to popular belief, the blasts do not project heat (like lasers) but instead generate pressure that can pummel or else destroy objects. In the raw, these optic blasts are powerful enough to punch holes through a mountain. With the aid of his visor, Cyclops wields a great deal of control over them, however, and is able to fire off a variety of beams in size and strength with great precision.

A Natural at Trigonometry:
Cyclops possesses an uncanny natural sense of trigonometry, able to bounce his optic blasts, as well as other objects, off of multiple surfaces with extreme precision. No doubt because of this, he is also an excellent strategist and has evolved into a master tactician. Highly athletic, he's quite good such sports as soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and billiards, where this uncanny ability of his can truly shine. This also seems to apply to his piloting skills, though no doubt he inherited some of that from his father.


When Scott was a boy growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, his father, Major Christopher Summers, USAF, took the family out for a flight in their airplane. The plane came under attack, and Scott and his brother, Alex, were shoved out of the plane by their parents, strapped to the only parachute on board before the plane went down in flames. Unfortunately, the parachute caught on fire during the descent, and was unable to completely break the fall of the two boys. Scott suffered a traumatic head injury causing brain damage, which resulted in prolonged amnesia of most of his childhood.

Where Alex, the younger brother, was readily adopted, Scott's injuries made him a less than ideal candidate for fostering, and he was moved to an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska. There, he was subjected to a battery of tests and experiments by the head of the orphanage, Mr. Milbury, before Professor Charles Xavier found him and took him in at the age of 16.

With frustratingly large gaps in his memory, his mistreatment at the orphanage, and an extremely rough manifestation of his powers that began with excruciating headaches and resulted in uncontrollable optic blasts, Scott started out at Xavier's as an incredibly shy and aloof loner; wary of both trusting others and trusting himself around them, afraid of either being hurt or of hurting others or even both. There was a time when, if he could even be pulled away from his studies, the young Summers could only be found on the sidelines of social events, watching from the wings in silence.

Professor Xavier's amazing patience and understanding while working with the boy, however, helped to coax him somewhat out of his shell. Gaining in confidence and becoming highly disciplined about all aspects in his life, Scott eventually started to shed his shyness, and began to establish himself more as a leader than as a loner. No doubt, his training in the martial arts Aikido and Judo—suggestions from the Professor—aided him on his path to being in utter control of himself, which in turn allowed his knack for strategy and skill at leading others to shine through.

And so he became the X-Men's field leader, a role which Scott assumed quietly, as if it was the natural order of things and it had always been that way. In his mind's eye, every person on the team at any given time is a piece to a puzzle, and when working together correctly, the pieces all fit with one another perfectly. His piece just happens to be the one that ensures all the others will fit into a coherent picture.

Wanting to give back to the School as much as possible, a firm and faithful believer in Xavier's concept of a world where mutants and humans live in harmony with each other, Scott also earned a Master's degree in mathematics with a teaching credential, so that he can instruct and care for the next generation of mutants and help to give them a guiding hand the way the Professor had done (and still does) for him.

Somewhere along the way, perhaps bolstered by his growing confidence, Scott eventually admitted to having a crush on one of his closer friends and teammates, Jean Grey, only to be pleasantly surprised that the feelings were mutual. Though they have had their rough patches, the relationship has endured so far through thick and thin, even with certain, deeply troubling recent events.

And said recent events have been the biggest test of the X-Men by far. Just months after the battle with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants on Liberty Island, Scott knows that, although the regular, day-to-day life of his team and the School have long since been resumed, things can never be quite the same. Something has changed, not just with them, but with the world at large as well, and he keeps a quiet vigil, waiting and watching and maintaining himself at the ready for the next time that real trouble rears its ugly head, silently dreaming of the day when the X-Men will no longer be necessary, but also realizing that he will most likely never see it.

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